Citizens Advice Bureau



Ex-prisoners and Financial Support

Extent: Jersey
January 1997
Updated 1 November 2013

Release from Prison

  1. People released from prison will be in need of temporary financial support unless they obtain paid work before they leave prison. They may have funds from before their imprisonment, or a previous job to return to. Some may plan to leave the island. Some may be able to obtain help from friends.

  2. The Probation Service offer an after-care service for ex-prisoners, but uptake is low, as most prisoners seem to wish to avoid contact with the criminal justice system after they have served their sentence. The only prisoners obliged to maintain contact with the Probation Service are young offenders on licence, and prisoners released from UK prisons on various forms of licence.

  3. The Probation Service have no funds available to help ex-prisoners with short-term emergency help eg, money for food. Under exceptional circumstances a loan may be made whilst awaiting Income Support Benefit but this is at the discretion of the Service. Contact Probation, Tel 441900, for assistance.

    Discharge Grant

  4. Prisoners leaving La Moye Prison are given a discharge grant on a sliding scale with payments made on the basis of how long prisoners have served.

    Other funding

  5. Ex-prisoners who leave prison without the necessary residency qualifications for Income Support Benefit  will have a problem if they are short of money before finding work. Accommodation may be offered temporally at the Shelter Trust, and 'one-off' help with immediate necessities, such as food, could be sought, via Citizens Advice Jersey.