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Christmas Bonus

Extent: Jersey
Updated: 20 December 2018

Words you may need to know


Benefit – here, extra money paid to support people who qualify for the particular benefit (see list below)

Bonus – something extra. Here, an extra amount of money


What is the Christmas Bonus?

A new, targeted Christmas Bonus was introduced in 2016. 

It is a benefit of £84.87 which will be paid each December 2016.


Who gets the Christmas Bonus?

Christmas Bonus will be paid automatically to these groups of people:

  • people aged 65 or over who, in November 2016, are:
    • members of the 65+ Health Plan and / or
    • receiving Income Support
  • members of Income Support households who in November 2016:
    • have a significant disability and receive the personal care impairment component level two or three 
    • are full-time informal carers and receive the carer’s component of Income Support
  • people who claim long term care and who receive means-tested support with their living in November

When and how is the Bonus paid?

The Christmas Bonus is paid directly into your bank account and should be received by 15th December. After this date, if a payment is not received you should contact Customer and Local Services.

The Christmas Bonus is not payable to anyone living outside the island.


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