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Driving test fees ( 2.5.4.L4 )




Driving test fees
Driving theory test


Extent: Jersey
Updated: 23 March 2017




Words you may need to know

Optional - left to the individual, not necessary

Multiple choice - you have a list of answers to choose from


Driver and Vehicle Standards Department Charges. See for more information, including fees and charges.

Driving theory test

There are four written tests available and are they are only in the English language. Applicants can request a ‘voice-over’ where the questions are read to them through headphones (in English)




Pass rate

Motor Car

B,B1,B,B+E(Also F,K,H,L)

43 / 50

Motor Cycle


43 / 50

Large Goods (lorries)


85 / 100

Large Passenger (buses)


85 / 100


For groups A (motorcycle) and B (car) tests take 55 minutes plus an optional 5 minute practice. For groups C (large goods) and D (large passenger) tests take 115 minutes plus and optional 5 minute practice. Candidates must arrive 15 minutes BEFORE the given test time as information is given out before the start .

A current signed Jersey Provisional Driving Licence for the category of test being taken MUST be brought to the test .

If a person needs to cancel their test for any reason, 3 CLEAR WORKING DAYS NOTICE MUST BE GIVEN otherwise the fee will be lost.

Tests are held at Driver and Vehicle Standards Department, La Collette, St Helier JE1 3UE

No one is allowed to see the question papers for obvious security reasons.

You will not be told if you have answered questions successfully or not.

The theory tests are carried out using touch screen computers and are all multiple choice.  Some questions have more than one correct answer and this is explained in the question. Questions that only apply to Jersey are clearly marked with a 'J'.