Dyslexia Jersey

Extent: Jersey
Updated:16 January 2017

Dyslexia Jersey

Dyslexia Jersey is a charity affiliated to the British Dyslexia Association. Its purpose is to promote awareness and understanding of dyslexia amongst professionals, parents, employers and the public in general.

Dyslexia Jersey provides support for concerned families and individuals and/or practical suggestions as to how to help their children or themselves.

Meetings, lectures, workshops and informal events are arranged to promote awareness of dyslexia.


PO Box 625, Jersey, JE4 5YL
Telephone: 01534 506404 or 07797 734028
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Most teachers in Jersey are much more aware of the problems than they were a few years ago. Link between teachers, parents and special needs staff (CENT TEAM) at the Education Department are well developed.

At school Dyslexics can receive learning assistance, tuition and advice and with appropriate multi-sensory teaching can be taught ways of getting round their problems, but cannot be cured.

There are schools in the UK who specialise in children with dyslexia, details can be obtained from Dyslexia Jersey and from books in the Library about selecting private schools.

Adults can receive help from Highlands College. There is a programme designed to assist people aged between 18 and 80 to overcome difficulties with learning. Teaching is done on a one to one basis or sometimes in a classroom situation. The service is completely confidential. See 5.6.18.L2 Adult education - special needs.