Citizens Advice Bureau Jersey

Our advice is available in the following ways:


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Aids and appliances for people with a physical impairment ( 10.2.1. )
Aids for disabled - REMAP, FNHC Jersey Society for the Disabled etc ( 10.2.1.L3 )
Alcohol dependency ( 10.1.1.L1 )
Ankylosing Spondylitis Society ( 10.2.33. )
Arthritis ( 10.2.19. )
Autism Jersey [10.2.90]
Blood donation ( 10.6.0.L1 )
Breast Clinic ( 10.2.34.L2 )
Cancer Screening for Women ( 10.6.9.L1 )
Cancer, assistance local organisations ( 10.2.34. )
Causeway Association - Hostel for mothers and babies ( 10.4.12. )
Chemists / Pharmacists ( 10.6.5. )
Children's Health and Child Immunisations ( 10.8.2.L1 )
Chiropody - private ( 10.7.10. )
Chiropractice ( 10.7.12. )
Colostomy and Ileostomy ( 10.2.42. )
Community psychiatric nursing services ( 10.5.5.L3 )
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 10.8.1.L1
Day Surgery Unit - General Hospital ( 10.6.7.L9 )
Department of Health and Community Services ( 10.0.0.L9 )
DIPS - disabled swimming ( 10.2.6.L1 )
Drug and solvent abuse-where to get help and information ( 10.1.2. )
Environmental Health Department - all matters ( 10.8.1.L5 )
Funding dental treatment in Jersey ( 10.7.4.L2 )
Gambling Addiction- support groups / Self Exclusion ( 10.1.4. )
Gervaise Le Gros Resource Centre ( 10.8.2.L4 )
Health visitors / clinics ( 10.8.2.L3 )
Heart ( 10.2.40. )
Interpreters in hospital ( 10.6.7.L7 )
JEDS (Jersey Eating Disorders Support) ( 10.2.68. )
Jersey Society for the Disabled ( 10.2.6.L2 )
Kidney patients ( 10.2.41. )
Leisure services for people with learning difficulties ( 10.2.6.L8 )
Meals on Wheels and Private meal delivery service ( 10.8.6. )
Medic Alert ( 10.6.8.L1 )
Medical negligence - Medical accidents ( 10.7.0. )
Miscarriage / Stillbirth / Premature baby support group ( 10.4.35. )
My Voice - IAJ Independent Advocacy Jersey ( 10.5.4.L3 )
Narcotics Anonymous ( 10.1.2.L3 )
Patient transport to UK and Guernsey hospitals ( 10.6.7.L3 )
People with disabilities ( 10.2.0.L3 )
Post Natal Depression Support ( 10.4.50. )
Provision of special dietary / medical products ( 10.2.1.L9 )
Psychology / Psychotherapy service ( 10.5.5.L1 )
Public Health Service - services on offer ( 10.0.0.L4 )
Residential opportunities for people with learning difficulties ( 10.2.5.L1 )
Residents and Non-Residents Eligibility for Access to Health and Community Services and Treatment ( 10.6.7.L4 )
Saneline ( 10.5.4.L1 )
Speech and language therapy ( 10.2.10. )
Women's Health( 10.8.2.L2 )
Words and Numbers Matters (10.8.3)



Extent: Jersey
Updated 21 February 2019

About Jersey Mencap

Since 1960, Jersey Mencap has been campaigning for better services and improved conditions for people with learning disabilities and their families. Much has been achieved in these years and there is now a greater awareness of the needs and rights of people with such disabilities and a greater understanding of how their lives can be enriched.


Jersey Mencap supports adults and children with a learning disability and their parents/carers as well as groups, societies, schools etc. who work with them.  Jersey Mencap does not want to be seen as a charity that "does things for" children and adults with learning disabilities or their parents/carers, but rather we help to support the choices made by them.  We also maintain a number of projects which are outlined below:

Self Advocacy

The Self Advocacy project is based at No. 4, Wharf Street, St Helier.  Two self-advocacy workers offer a free, confidential and independent service to offer support to people with a learning disability. The nature of the work is varied and can include assistance when dealing with queries concerning housing, benefits or legal matters.  The advocates are also very much involved with offering support within the community.

Taking Part Making Art

This project offers adults with a learning disability the opportunity to explore a variety of art mediums whilst also gaining life skills that may benefit other areas of life.  A busy programme of art sessions run throughout the week which are tutored by local professional artists.  Art exhibitions are held frequently to showcase the artwork and raise awareness.

Jersey Mencap Social Club

This is a buzzing club which offers a variety of activities to adults with a learning disability.  Jersey Mencap co-ordinate the social club and ensure support workers accompany small groups of young adults with a learning disability to have more choice with their social life.  For some, attending this is the only time they enjoy a social evening out without their parents.  The club enjoy regular discos, going for meals, seeing shows and gigs and in the summer we fishing, kayaking and play petanque.  With over 70 members of the club, the activities are always well attended.


For further information and contact details see Jersey Mencap