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Jersey Blue Badge Scheme

Extent: Jersey
Updated 25 July 2019

What is the Blue Badge Scheme

1  The scheme is intended to assist disabled persons who have considerably difficulty in walking by making additional provisions for parking of vehicles used by holders of a 'Blue Badge'. The scheme is similar to that which operates in the UK and the rest of the EU. The rights of badge holders are set out below. Jersey changed from the Orange Badge Scheme to the Blue Badge Scheme on 1st November 2002.

What does the Blue Badge look like

2  The Jersey Blue Badge is very similar to the UK's badge, the difference is that all references and symbols pertaining to the EU have been removed in line with the Island's status as being outside of the EU. On the reverse of the badge is a photograph of the badge holder. The name of the badge holder does not appear on the front of the badge, only on the reverse. The badge is laminated.

Who is eligible for a badge

3  Any person who has a permanent and substantial disability, which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking (unable to walk unaided for more than 100 metres without resting); or is registered sight impaired with Eyecan.

Warning - it is a criminal offence to use or display the badge when the badge holder is not travelling in the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the badge holder to ensure the badge is used properly.

How should the badge be displayed

5  The badge must be displayed on top of the dashboard or facia panel of the vehicle with the front of the badge (the side showing the wheelchair symbol) facing forward so that the relevant details are clearly visible from the outside when using parking benefits.

Warning - Failure to display the badge correctly will result in a parking penalty

6 When requested by a Parking Official, badge holders are required to show their photograph on the back of the badge to allow confirmation of identity.

What rights does the badge provide in Jersey

7  A badge allows any vehicle to use the following parking facilities:

On-street parking, and Off-street parking, St Helier


Parking disc clocks

8  Parking disc clocks are displayed, where required, to indicate the time of arrival of a vehicle in a parking space. Only specified forms of parking disc clocks are recognised, failure to use a specified form of parking disc clock will result in a parking penalty. Paycards are the only recognised alternative to the specified parking disc clocks. Paycards can be purchased from most newsagent shops, garages, supermarkets and some other shops.

9  Recognised parking disc clocks are the standard yellow disc clock commonly available to all drivers parking in Jersey, or a disabled persons European style blue parking disc clock, which is recognised throughout Europe. Parking discs clocks can be purchased from either the Town Hall or the Department for Infrastructure Parking Office at Sand Street car park.

What must not be done

10 Badge holders must not allow their badge to be used by any other person, if they do the badge will automatically be withdrawn and where the law has been breached both parties will be prosecuted.

11 The badge must not be used after the expiry date.

12 Parking on yellow lines is not permitted at any time, failure to comply will result in a parking penalty.

How to obtain a badge

13 Applications must be made on the appropriate form to the Town Greffier, Town Hall, St Helier.

What rights does the badge provide outside of Jersey

14 Badge holders are able to take advantage of the applicable motorist parking privileges wherever they are in the United Kingdom (UK) or the rest of the European Union (EU). Further details of the benefits available in each EU State can be obtained by contacting:

Department of Infrastructure
Disability Policy Branch, Mobility Unit
Zone 1/11, Great Minster House
76 Marsham Street
London. SW1 P 4DR

Telephone 020 7944 6800

For EU see

For the UK see

or by reading the information leaflet available from the Town Hall, the Parking Control Office at Sand Street car park or from CAB.

15 It is hoped that these reciprocal arrangements can be extended to other countries that like Jersey are outside of the EU. Details of the arrangements, where they exist, can be obtained from the address above or from the individual State.

Can UK and other EU badges be used in Jersey

16 Yes, all European blue badges are accepted in Jersey providing that the facilities are used strictly within the limits described in the explanatory notes.

17 UK badge holders should note the one important difference from UK practice is that vehicles may NOT park on yellow lines at any time. Parking on yellow lines will incur a parking penalty.

Badges issued outside the EU

18 Individual enquiries should be made to the Department of Infrastructure Parking Control Office at Sand Street Car Park, Sand Street, St Helier, JE2 3QF, telephone (00 44 1534) 448660.

Further details

19 Further details from Department of Infrastructure Parking Control Office at Sand Street Car Park, Sand Street, St Helier, JE2 3QF. Telephone 448660.