Bone scanning

Updated 19 September 2016


Situated at the William Knott Day Hospital, Westmount. The service is run by Dr Michael Richardson, Consultant Physician, Care of the Elderly.

Contact Maureen Higgins- telephone 443081

Who is the service for

It is for use of people who are considered to be at risk from osteoporosis, not as a general screening service such as Mammography. Such people will include those with liver disease, anorexia nervosa, thyroid disorders, early menopause or hysterectomy, a tendency towards fractures or a strong family history of osteoporosis.

Other medical conditions which may cause brittle bone disease include the use of steroids by asthmatics, rheumatoid arthritis or bowel disorders.


For a referral by a GP there is a charge. There is no charge for a referral by a Hospital Consultant.


The machine gives a lower dose of radiation than standard X-rays, one tenth of the radiation of a standard chest X-ray.