Medical negligence - Medical accidents ( 10.7.0. )



Medical negligence / Medical accidents

Extent: Jersey
Updated: 28 February 2020


Words you may need to know

Medical -  relating to health and treatment given by a doctor or someone trained in medicine  

Negligence - a civil wrong in law causing injury or harm to another person or to property as the result of doing something or failing to provide a proper or reasonable level of care.

Civil law - law involving individuals or groups in a legal action other than a criminal prosecution.



Making a complaint

There are different ways to make a complaint, depending on whether it is against a General Practitioner or against Health and Community Services (i.e. the hospital).

A complaint against a General Practitioner should be referred to The Primary Care Team.  Please see

A complaint against Health and Community Services should be submitted to the Government.  Please see 10.6

Seeking damages or compensation

To ascertain whether you have grounds to pursue a civil claim for damages or compensation, you should seek advice from a Personal Injury lawyer.  Please contact Citizens Advice for more information.