Citizens Advice Bureau Jersey

Our advice is available in the following ways:


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Aids and appliances for people with a physical impairment ( 10.2.1. )
Aids for disabled - REMAP, FNHC Jersey Society for the Disabled etc ( 10.2.1.L3 )
Alcohol dependency ( 10.1.1.L1 )
Ankylosing Spondylitis Society ( 10.2.33. )
Arthritis ( 10.2.19. )
Autism Jersey [10.2.90]
Blood donation ( 10.6.0.L1 )
Breast Clinic ( 10.2.34.L2 )
Cancer Screening for Women ( 10.6.9.L1 )
Cancer, assistance local organisations ( 10.2.34. )
Causeway Association - Hostel for mothers and babies ( 10.4.12. )
Chemists / Pharmacists ( 10.6.5. )
Children's Health and Child Immunisations ( 10.8.2.L1 )
Chiropody - private ( 10.7.10. )
Chiropractice ( 10.7.12. )
Colostomy and Ileostomy ( 10.2.42. )
Community psychiatric nursing services ( 10.5.5.L3 )
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 10.8.1.L1
Day Surgery Unit - General Hospital ( 10.6.7.L9 )
Department of Health and Community Services ( 10.0.0.L9 )
DIPS - disabled swimming ( 10.2.6.L1 )
Drug and solvent abuse-where to get help and information ( 10.1.2. )
Environmental Health Department - all matters ( 10.8.1.L5 )
Funding dental treatment in Jersey ( 10.7.4.L2 )
Gambling Addiction- support groups / Self Exclusion ( 10.1.4. )
Gervaise Le Gros Resource Centre ( 10.8.2.L4 )
Health visitors / clinics ( 10.8.2.L3 )
Heart ( 10.2.40. )
Interpreters in hospital ( 10.6.7.L7 )
JEDS (Jersey Eating Disorders Support) ( 10.2.68. )
Jersey Society for the Disabled ( 10.2.6.L2 )
Kidney patients ( 10.2.41. )
Leisure services for people with learning difficulties ( 10.2.6.L8 )
Meals on Wheels and Private meal delivery service ( 10.8.6. )
Medic Alert ( 10.6.8.L1 )
Medical negligence - Medical accidents ( 10.7.0. )
Miscarriage / Stillbirth / Premature baby support group ( 10.4.35. )
My Voice - IAJ Independent Advocacy Jersey ( 10.5.4.L3 )
Narcotics Anonymous ( 10.1.2.L3 )
Patient transport to UK and Guernsey hospitals ( 10.6.7.L3 )
People with disabilities ( 10.2.0.L3 )
Post Natal Depression Support ( 10.4.50. )
Provision of special dietary / medical products ( 10.2.1.L9 )
Psychology / Psychotherapy service ( 10.5.5.L1 )
Public Health Service - services on offer ( 10.0.0.L4 )
Residential opportunities for people with learning difficulties ( 10.2.5.L1 )
Residents and Non-Residents Eligibility for Access to Health and Community Services and Treatment ( 10.6.7.L4 )
Saneline ( 10.5.4.L1 )
Speech and language therapy ( 10.2.10. )
Women's Health( 10.8.2.L2 )
Words and Numbers Matters (10.8.3)


Doctors in Jersey

Extent: Jersey
Updated 23 November 2018



(includes branch surgery addresses)
Dr W Buist
Dr S Ryan
Dr C Jury
Dr G Redshaw (F)
Dr R Kennedy
Dr M Sekirsky (F)
Dr A Zaman (F)
Route du Fort Surgery,
The Lido Medical Centre,
St. Saviour's Road,
St. Saviour,
Jersey, JE1 7XP
Fax 280776

Dr S Bonn
Dr R Hurry
Dr D Frank
Dr D. Albert
Dr M. Scaife 
Dr A Blampied
Dr J Maxey
Dr E Slater (F)
Dr P Venn (F)
Dr G Callander
Dr J Chohan
Dr H Juchniewicz
Dr P McMenemy

Dr C. Gruchy

Cleveland Clinic Limited
12 Cleveland Road, St Helier. JE1 4HD

Unit B, Millenium Properties Arcade
Red Houses, St Brelade. JE3 8GP

St Ouen's Village Surgery
Route de Vinchelez, St Ouen. JE3 2GG
Fax 722560

Fax 746475

Fax 482982

Dr C Budd (F)
Dr G. Cochrane (F)
Dr J Coates
Dr C Cook
Dr J Harris
Dr K Jaakola (F)
Dr B Kellett
Dr S King
Dr J Newstead
Dr A Norman (F)
Dr R M Parris
Dr J Mair
Dr I Spence (F)
Dr A P Vincent
Dr M Wilbourn
Dr S Baker

Dr C Mair

Dr G Wildy

Island Medical Centre, 14 Gloucester St. St. Helier, JE2 3QR
The Surgery, Temple Court, St John. JE3 4BJ
Unit 2, Centre Point, Red Houses, St Brelade. JE3 8LB
Fearnlea, La Grande Rue Des Sablons, Grouville. JE3 9FR
Fax 516161 516153
Fax516163 516152
Fax 516162 516154
Fax 516164
Dr M Fullerton
Dr M Bellamy 
Dr S Watts
Dr A Garnett
Dr S Perchard
Dr B Perchard
Dr P.Bashforth
Dr R.D. Worth
Health Plus
Queen's Road Health Centre,
Queen's Road, St Helier. JE2 4NY

Fax 731770

Dr m Du Feu
Dr J Keir
Dr D E Guise
The Lido Medical Practice, St. Saviours Road, St. Saviour, JE1 7XP
Industria House, St Brelade
Fax 601955
Dr L M Mirvis
Dr H Thomas
Clifden House Surgery,
24 Vauxhall Street, St Helier. JE2 4TJ
732824 and 726705
Fax 735082

Dr D.Evans
Dr N Minihane
Dr M Winspear
Dr P Le Bas (F)
Dr R Bowens-Perkins
Dr M Earley
Dr J Le Cornu (F)
Dr S Henry-Paul

Dr S Rayner

Dr J Stevenson (F)

Castle Quay
The Waterfront
St Helier
Fax 769597
Dr J Newton
Dr S D Thompson
Dr J. Holloran

7 David Place, St. Helier, JE2 4TD

Fax 768482
Dr N Stevens
Dr M. Vincent
Dr N Webster
Windsor Medical Practice, Suite 3.05, Lido Medical Centre, St Saviours Road, St Saviour JE2 7LA 732341 Fax 870635

Dr R Brown
Dr J Howell

Dr D Evans
Dr R Hurst
Dr P Terry
Dr D Balbes
Dr R Marson-Smith
Dr D Bailey
Dr B Rogers
Dr S Richards (F)
Dr D Howell
Dr L Gleeson (F)

Dr R. Bowley

Dr Y. Webb

Dr M. Doyle

Indigo House,
2-8 Oxford road,
St Helier, JE1 4HB.

Route des Quennevais,
St. Brelade, JE3 8LL
Fax 887948

fax 498779

Dr J Jackson
Dr K. E Wilson
Dr M Wilson
Dr B C Robertson
Dr R Edelenbos

Dr V.B. French

Lister House Asociates Ltd, 8 The Parade, JE2 3QP

Quennevais Parade, St Brelade, JE3 8FX

736336 Surg 852141 Acco
Fax 735304

Dr J Sykes

Dr B Ellis
Dr M Overton

Dr. L Clynes

Dr. B Loane

Dr Y. Naidoo

Dr. M. Buture

Dr. L. Wilson-Kelly

Dr. F Rud

Dr. A Dickinson

Co-operative Medical care,

87-91 Bath Street St Helier, JE2 4SU

St Peter Grand Marche Rue de L'eglise, St. Peter JE3 7AG

New Era Health Centre, Victoria Road, St. Clement, JE2 6QG

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Telephone: 784555 (FOR ALL)

Fax 611062

Fax: 481575

Fax: 784405

Dr G Hamilton

Atlantic Surgery - Como Villa
7 Clarendon Road, St. Helier, JE2 3YS
Fax 728977