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Private Parking-unauthorised / Wheel-clamping (2.5.32. L2)


2.5.32. L2
Private Parking - Unauthorised / Wheelclamping

 Extent:      Jersey

Updated:   01 July 2019



Unauthorised Parking- Nuisance Parking 

New legislation that gives private landowners the power to move, sell or dispose of vehicles that have been parked or abandoned on their land has been registered by the Royal Court on February 2019 

See Motor Vehicles (removal from private land) (Jersey) Law 2019


As well as giving landowners options to deal with vehicles that are left on private land, the Motor Vehicles (Removal from Private Land) (Jersey) Regulations 2019 outlaws practices such as wheel clamping. The Regulations came into force on the 21st June 2019.

See Motor Vehicles (Removal from Private Land)(Jersey) Regulations 2019

Under the new Regulations, landowners will be able to seek an order from the Court to prevent ‘nuisance’ vehicles that are routinely parked on private land, without permission, for short but frequent periods of time, for example when a driver parks on a driveway to drop off and collect their children from a nearby school.

The new law also allows landowners to remove and dispose of vehicles that are parked without permission or abandoned, and which are causing a nuisance, security risk, danger or obstruction to other people using private land.

Landowners will be able to take action provided they have followed processes set out in the law. These include displaying signs and demonstrating they have made every effort to contact the owner, working alongside parish authorities, before disposing of a vehicle. The Regulations also require private landowners to use a motor vehicle removal operator if they want to remove a vehicle that has been parked without permission.

The Regulations will provide private landowners with a series of measures to manage vehicles that have been parked or abandoned on their land without authorisation.

The Regulations will also prevent private landowners from taking disproportionate action such as wheel clamping. 

You can find Policy guidance for private landowners, agents and motor vehicle removal operators here  Vehicles parked illegally on private land