Funding dental treatment in Jersey

Extent: Jersey
Updated 18 July 2019

Adults who cannot afford private dentistry

Free dentistry is not available through the States of Jersey for people who cannot afford private fees. However, there is the Jersey Health Assist 65+ Plan for the over 65's - see 9.4.8 .

Income Support Special Payment

Available for dental expenses if the household has no other way of meeting the cost. See 9.3.0 for qualifying conditions.

Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary

When clients have been refused a special payment under the Income Support benefit and cannot raise the money from other sources can be referred to the Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary. An application can be made by Citizens Advice Jersey on the client's behalf.

Channel Islands Dental Plan

This is a scheme whereby the cost of dental care is paid on a monthly basis. The initial cost of becoming dentally fit is spread over a six month period. See 10.7.4.L6 Channel Islands Dental Plan.

Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme for 11 to 21 year olds

In this scheme, dental treatment is part funded by the States of Jersey, but the treatment is carried out by private dentists. The States contribute towards the cost of maintaining dental fitness in young people providing the family income does not exceed £51,077 per annum (no Social Security benefits are included in this figure). See 10.7.4.L5 Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme for 11 to 21 year olds.

Denplan's dental plan - Rossborough Healthcare

Rossborough's Healthcare International Limited is now offering an insurance policy through Denplan which will cover dental care. Further details from Rossborough Healthcare on 500500.