Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme for 11 - 21 year olds

Extent: Jersey
Updated 19 July 2019

What is the Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme

1 This is scheme whereby the States contribute towards the cost of dentistry for young people aged from 11 years to 21 years.

2 The scheme has a family income limit of £51,077 per annum (no Social Security benefits are included in this figure). The scheme will be for those between 11 and 18, 21 if in full time education.


3 To be eligible to join, children need to have lived in Jersey for a continuous period of 5 years.

How does the scheme work

4 The patient makes an appointment for an initial check with one of the dentists in the scheme, see para 10. Mention the scheme when making the appointment, ask if there will be a charge for this appointment, if so how much.

5 The dentist will examine the patient's teeth and mouth and will decide whether to accept the person as a patient. It might be necessary for some work to be done in order to make the patient dentally fit before s/he is accepted into the scheme. This work will be charged at the normal rates, patients who have been attending the School Dental Clinic should be able to get the work done there free of charge up to the age of eleven. Forms are given to all children in year 7. Provided that a dentist in the scheme is visited within three months of issue of the forms, any charges relating to getting the child dentally fit will be paid by School Dental Service - this is only when parents qualify under earnings rule.

6 The dentist will set a monthly fee to keep the patient dentally fit. The States will pay a part of this fee, the patient will pay the balance.

What is covered by the scheme

7 All routine dental care is included. Excluded are: crowns, bridges, dentures (making or adding to), surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth, general anaesthesia, root fillings, minor oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and straightening of teeth.

How are the payments made

8 If the patient has a bank account, then a direct debit can be set up and the payment will be made automatically each month. If the patient does not have a bank account, then a book of paying in slips will be issued and the money should be paid into the HSBC Bank each month. NB if any bank other than HSBC is used, there will be an additional charge which is not refunded. Failure to make payments for two months will exclude a person from the scheme. Dental treatment will then have to be paid for in full.

Leaving the scheme

9 To leave the scheme, write to the Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme, PO Box 699, St Helier, Jersey. JE4 0PD, and they will notify the dentist. All future treatment will then have to be paid for in the normal way.

Dentists in the scheme

10 Not all dentists in Jersey belong to the scheme. To change dentists once a person is in the scheme will mean that another application form will have to be completed by patient and the new dentist and it will be necessary to inform the Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme that the patient is no longer attending the previous dentist.

Contact The Jersey Dental Scheme for a list of dentists taking part in the scheme or ask your dentist.

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