Family Nursing & Home Care Inc

Extent: Jersey
Updated 16 June 2016

Family Nursing & Home Care (FNHC) is a Jersey charity committed to providing high quality, integrated nursing and home care in the community from birth to end of life.

Our services touch the lives of more islanders than any other charitable organisation, helping children, their families, the sick, the elderly and the dying. We have teams of experienced and highly qualified nurses operating a range of services including, Health Visitors, School and Children’s Nursing, District and Specialist Nursing as well as Home Care.

We are a forward-thinking, modern charity that has adapted in order to provide the services that islanders need today. In order to continue providing this breadth of vital public services, we need to raise £2million per year in voluntary donations.


The services we provide include:

Adult nursing services

Home care

Paediatric Nurses

School Nurses

Community Children's Nursing

Rapid Response Nursing

Crisis Re-ablement

Specialist Nursing for wound care

Stoma care and respiratory care

Child accident prevention

Health visitors and nursery nurses

Palliative care


For further information on these services or to find out how to make a donation, become a friend or access the services, please go to www.fnhc.org.je