Health Visitors / Clinics

Updated 22 January 2019

Midwife care

For the first twenty-eight days of a baby's life, the midwifery service is available with help and advice at any time, day or night. Clients just telephone the Maternity Unit on 442437.

After ten days

When the baby is ten days old, the Midwife will normally discharge the mother and baby to the Health Visitor, who will then arrange to visit them at home (the mother may have already had antenatal contact with the Health Visitor).

Health Visitor

Health Visitors are qualified nurses with special training and experience in child health promotion and health education. In Jersey they are employed by the Family Nursing and Home Care service and are based at Le Bas Centre where they may be contacted on week days. If they are unable to help you themselves they may be able to refer to other services.

The main part of their role is to be available to the mother, via home visiting, Child Health Clinics, and various groups, in order to help ensure childrens' healthy growth and to discuss the health of each family.

Developmental Assessments

Developmental Assessments are carried out by Health Visitors and some doctors to check the development of babies and young children so that any child found to have a problem, however slight, can receive treatment as soon as possible thus giving the child the best possible start in life.

The ages are as follows:

6 weeks  | Developmental Assessment
7 - 8 months | Hearing Test
9 months  | Developmental Assessment
18 months - 2 years | Developmental Assessment
3 - 4 years | Developmental Assessment
School Entry  | Developmental Assessment

Hearing Test

Children are invited to have a Hearing Test at the age of 7 - 8 months. This is performed by Health Visitors to detect any possible defect in a child's hearing. This simple procedure involves testing the child's responses to both high and low frequency sounds, as it is possible that they may not be hearing the whole range of sounds that are necessary for the development of normal speech.

Appointments are sent to the parent(s) at the appropriate time. If for some reason an appointment is not received by the time a child is eight months old, the parent should contact their Health Visitor, telephone 443600.

This test is very important as a child's hearing could be defective without the parents realising it.

Health Visitor for children with special needs

A specialist Health Visitor works closely with staff from the Maternity Unit and Robin Ward who inform them of any child who may have some degree of physical or mental disability. The Health Visitor can then offer the family support and put them in touch with other agencies who are able to help.

Children are normally referred by their own Health Visitor, Paediatrician, School Teacher or other professional, but if a parent wishes to contact the Health Visitor without referral, they can telephone Le Bas Centre on 443600.