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Beaches ( 11.15.6 )
Commercial Leases ( 11.8.4 )
Conservation Groups ( 11.15.4 )
Conservation of Wildlife ( 11.8.52.L5 )
Control of High Hedges (including Cupressus Leylandii) ( 11.8.52.L8 )
Department for Infrastructure (formally Transport and Technical Services) ( 11.15.1.L7 )
Destitution ( 11.1.1.L1 )
Disabled persons - Housing adaptions for people with disabilities (11.8.22)
Environmental Protection (11.15.2 )
Estate Agents, rules ( 11.1.35 )
First Time Buyers/ Jersey Homebuy Scheme ( 11.1.33.L2 )
Hostels ( 11.1.1.L2 )
Housing repairs ( 11.8.18 )
Housing Trusts and Associations ( 11.1.20.L1 )
Jersey Chartered Surveyors ( 11.1.38 )
Jersey Cottage Homes - ( 11.1.62. )
Lodgers and Lodging Houses ( 11.8.10 )
Lodging House Association ( 11.1.8.L7 )
Lodging House Information ( 11.8.10.L3 )
Mortgages ( 11.1.30.L8 )
Parks and public areas ( 11.15.9 )
Pest Control - Moles, wasps, rats, mice and bird species ( 11.8.52.L4 )
Planning and Building Services ( 11.15.1.L2 )
Private sector accommodation via agencies ( 11.1.8.L2 )
Problems with trees and hedges ( 11.8.52.L3 )
Property - Moving Checklist (11.1.30.L9)
Public Sculpture Trust ( 11.15.9.L1 )
Refuse collection / Glass disposal / General information ( 11.15.8 )
Registered Lodging Houses List ( 11.1.8.L3 )
Rental Deposit - Getting a deposit back - Tenancies & Lodgers NOT protected under the Deposit Protection Scheme (Mydeposit Jersey) (11.8.1.L4)
Rental Deposit - Getting a deposit back - Tenancies protected under the deposit protection scheme introduced on the 2nd November 2015 ( 11.8.1.L3 )
Restraint on assets ( 11.12.12.L8 )
Social Housing Accommodation ( 11.1.17. )
Social Housing Rents - ( 11.1.17.L1 )
States Loans ( 11.1.33 )
Tenants Associations ( 11.8.1.L5 )
Tenants problems / Access by landlords ( 11.8.1.L2 )
The Affordable Housing Gateway (11.8.1.L8)
Tied accommodation ( 11.5.14 )
Use of water - Customary Law ( 11.8.52.L1 )



Extent: Jersey
Updated 12 July 2016

The Shelter Trust

The Shelter's website is on the following link;

The Shelter Trust was formed to provide services for homeless people in Jersey. The trust is a charity offering shelter, support and a way forward for homeless people. At present they offer accommodation from four sites around St Helier and St Saviour. They also provide an outreach service, offering food, hot drinks and support for ‘rough sleepers’. The outreach service is provided in partnership with Jersey Homeless Outreach Group (JHOG). At the other end of the spectrum of homelessness, they also provide an aftercare and resettlement service for those of residents and clients who have moved on to independent living. An additional facility, the Drunk and Incapable Unit, provides a place of safety for up to four people as an alternative to the penal system.

Contact John Hodge – Director

The Shelter Trust
P O Box 814,
St Helier
Telephone: 608948 Fax: n/a

Strathmore Residential Unit for 16-25 year olds
80 St Marks Road
St Saviour
Tel 726892 (no fax)
Emergency Accommodation, Day Facilities, Outreach and Drunk & Incapable Unit
Aztec House
37 Kensington Place
St Helier
Telephone: 730235Fax: 631206

Resettlement Team
19 Midvale Road
St Helier
Telephone: 739579Fax: 879391

Evans House Residential Project

6-7 Springfield Terrace,

Trinity Road,

St Helier


Telephone:  484631

The Chairman is Mr Neville Benbow


Jersey Association for Youth and Friendship

The Jersey Association for Youth and Friendship (JAYF) is a registered Charity (NPO0873). Since 1961 JAYF has been providing safe, affordable and secure accommodation to young people aged between 16 & 25 in Jersey, whom through no fault of their own have been denied a normal home life or are experiencing personal difficulties .  JAYF have a total of four hostels (Avalon, Bryan Skinner House, Jeune House and Lyndale) and can provide up to 28 beds.  Young people can self-refer to JAYF and referrals are accepted from all professional agencies, charities, community services, families and friends.   All potential residents should have 10 years residency in the Island.  For further information please contact Samantha Churchill, Lead Worker for JAYF on 07797-716575.


Jeune House, Havre de Pas has 12 self-contained bedsits for girls only. Houseparent - Linda de Sousa.

3 First Tower Road,
St Helier
Tel: 618891

Six self-catering flatlets with shared toilet / wash / laundry facilities. Houseparents - Mrs C. Nunes


55 St Marks Road
St Helier
Tel: 734744 / 07829 722 475

Bedsit accommodation for five boys. Houseparents - Mrs C. Velosa

Bryan Skinner House
99 Halkett Place
St Helier
Tel: 789771

Six bedsitters for Young people aged from 21 to 25 years old. Houseparent on premises. Laundry / lounge. TV / video. Houseparent - Mrs Anna Atilano


Causeway Association Address:

30 Belmont Road
St Helier
Telephone: 615989 and Fax 728816

Causeway provide sheltered housing for women who have unplanned pregnancies. For more information see 10.4.12..


St Marks Adolescent Centre

Run by the Children's Service, the hostel is situated at 24 St Marks Road (telephone 725297) and provides accommodation for homeless young people in the sixteen to eighteen age group. It can accommodate nine young people who are assisted towards establishing themselves in the community.

Manager- Chas Baldwin


Barnardo's - Plan B Jersey

Barnado's Jersey

Thomas House

21 Kensington Place

St Helier


Offers support for young people aged 15 to 25 who are living independently.  For more information see 8.2.2.