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Accidents involving animals

Extent: Jersey
Updated 24 July 2020

Reportable accidents involving animals

1  Accidents involving animals should be reported to the police immediately.  The Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956 covers horses, cattle, mules, sheep, pigs, goats and dogs. The Highway Code, which has legal status, covers cats.

Animals on roads or straying onto other property

2  Dogs must be fitted with an identity tag and the owners must have a licence.

3  In Jersey the owner of animals are not required to ensure that they are securely fenced in.  The onus is on adjoining landowners to fence their property to keep animals out.


3  Some household policies cover pet liability if no specific pet insurance is held.

4  Farmers should hold public liability cover.

5  Horses are normally covered in household policies, although it is advisable to have specific insurance. If a car driver has fully comprehensive insurance, then the insurance company will pursue a claim against the horse owner/rider.  If a car driver has only third party insurance, they will have to pursue the claim themself.