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To obtain a copy of house deeds

    Extent: Jersey
    Updated 22 January 2019


1. Under Jersey Law the contract of a house or property sale is heard in the Royal Court and then registered at the Public Registry. The Public Registry is part of the Judicial Greffe at:-

Royal Court House
Royal Square
St Helier

Telephone: 441300

2. Anybody may obtain a copy of their contract from either their lawyer who performed the conveyancing or from the Public Registry. There would be a charge made. The contracts (also known as deeds) were written in an old form of French until November 2006 but since this date, contracts have been written in English. A lawyer should be able to provide a translation of French contracts or at least explain what the contents say.

3. To obtain details of a contract from the Public Registry, it is necessary to provide either the name of the buyer or seller.

4. Please see link below for information on Public Registry Services and fees.