Housing Status

Extent: Jersey
Updated 20 December 2018


Words you may need to know


Residential and employment status - the way that the States of Jersey qualify residents for the purpose of having rights to housing and work in the Island under the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012

Determine – to decide something

Status – a level or qualification that you have reached

Continuous – unbroken; not interrupted

Residence - where you live or stay (you are not resident if you are on holiday or a short visit)

Qualification – you satisfy the rules that entitle or give you the right to something

Lease – when you sign a lease (i.e. a rental document) which gives you the right to live in a property usually upon payment of rent (See Leases 11.8.1.L1)

Formerly - how something was before or in the past



The Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) 2012 introduced new rules about how people can get their qualifications to live and work in Jersey.


Four new statuses were established:
-     Entitled

      -     Licensed

-          Entitled for Work

-          Registered

These statuses replaced the old ones. The most important thing that determines a person’s residential and employment status is how long they have lived in the Island. The longer a person lives in Jersey the better their residential and employment status is likely to be. However, it is also possible for someone to lose their residential and employment status.

The Population Office website has a lot of helpful information about the Law and how it works including –

-          the meaning of residential statuses;

-          how you can work out which status you have;
 -     how you can lose your residential and employment status;

-          how you can prove residence ( see ‘How to get a Registration Card’ below)


  For the detailed rules and some helpful written guidelines and examples see:


 A summary of the four residential statuses is below (but see the website for all the conditions)

- Someone who has lived in Jersey for ten years. If you are ‘Entitled’ you can buy, sell or lease any property, and can work anywhere.

Licensed - Someone who is employed by a local business which has permission to employ a `Licensed’ person. A Licensed employee (formerly an ‘essential employee’) can buy, sell or lease any property in their own name, apart from first time buyer restricted or social rented housing, provided they retain their Licenced status. They can only buy or rent one property as their sole place of residence in Jersey.

Entitled for Work - Someone who has lived in Jersey for a continuous period of five years immediately before the date of issue of their registration card, or is married to /the civil partner of someone who is Entitled, Licensed or Entitled for Work.

If someone has Entitled for Work status they can buy property jointly with an Entitled or Licensed spouse/civil partner, and can lease some types of "Registered" property (formerly ‘unqualified property’) as a main place of residence in their own name. Someone with Entitled for Work status can work anywhere.

Registered - Someone who does not qualify under the other categories. A Registered person can only lease "Registered" property as a main place of residence in their own name. An employer needs permission to employ a person with Registered status.


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Registration cards

Anyone who:

- arrives to live and/or work in Jersey; or
- who moves job; or
- who moves address in Jersey

needs a registration card. This is a legal requirement. Registration cards replace the old system of Social Security cards and show your name, Social Security number and residential and employment status. You get a new card if your status changes. If you move address you must tell the Population Office within 3 months of moving.


You should also tell the Population Office if you leave the Island.


Getting a Registration Card

You can get a card by going to Customer and Local Services .

For details of the documents you need to take with you to get your card see:



Contact details:          Customer and Local Services

PO Box 55, Philip Le Feuvre House, La Motte Street, St Helier JE4 8PE

Tel:    01534 445505               Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours:    Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm


(Note: The old laws replaced by the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law were the Housing (Jersey) Law 1949 and the Regulations of Undertakings and Development (Jersey) Law 1973)