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Joint purchase / leasing - Married / unmarried

Extent: Jersey
July 2001
Updated 24 July 2017


Words you may need to know


Spouse - husband or wife

Qualify - to become legally eligible for a position or privilege

Eligible - entitled

Occupy - stay or reside in

Spouses or civil partners of qualified people - Joint names

The law allows a non-qualified person to join their spouse or civil partner in the purchase or contract lease (9 years or more) of a specific property. It does not give the spouse or civil partner qualifications in their own right.

NOTE This does not apply to unmarried couples, they cannot buy or lease Qualified (housing controlled) property jointly.

A spouse or civil partner who lives in the Island with a housing qualified partner for a continuous ten year period, will qualify to rent or buy in their own right at the end of that time.

Their qualifications will be lost if they leave the Island other than under the 'five year break' rule.

Share Transfer property

Both qualified and unqualified persons can buy shares relating to property. However, only housing qualified (Entitled or Licensed) people may legally occupy the accommodation if it is Qualified (housing controlled).


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