Tied accommodation

Extent: Jersey
Updated 12 February 2016

Words you may need to know

Tied accommodation - this is accommodation which is tied to your employment. The most usual situations are in hospitality, private homes for employees such as gardeners or where caring duties are carried out.

Evict - put out of accommodation, asked to leave.

Stay of eviction - a longer period of time in the accommodation before you have to leave, given by a court

When your employment is ended, that also means the loss of your home too as both go together. If you are no longer working, it is unlikely you can stay in the accommodation.

The notice of termination of employment is often tied to notice to leave 'tied' accommodation and the statutory periods of notice apply if there is no longer period in your contract of employment.  Sometimes you will have a contract of employment and a separate accommodation agreement .  Look at both for information.

Landlords / employers will evict if the reason for being in the accommodation no longer applies and it would be unusual to get a stay of eviction given by the Court.