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Housing Regulations and Property

Extent: Jersey
Updated 24 July 2017


Words you may need to know


Apparent - obvious, clearly seen

Consent - permission

Confidential - private, secretive

Prospective - future, soon to be, likely

Habitable - liveable in, fit for humans to live in

Extension or conversion - added on or changed

Integral – forms a part of

Existing - currently present

Retained - to keep hold of


How to find out if any special conditions exist

Any conditions applying to land or property will be apparent by reading the last purchase consent and/ or department records. You may request this information from the Population Office, telephone 445505, by giving details of the property and current owner's name. The information is not considered confidential as long as the person asking has a genuine reason to know, e.g. a prospective buyer.

What type of conditions may apply?

Conditions applying would include:

- Who may occupy the property;

- Number of habitable units existing and who may occupy them;

- Who may occupy any units created by extension or conversion;

- Usage of land e.g. agricultural.

Granny flats and separate units

An integral unit created or existing within a property, i.e. a unit where the occupant uses the common front door, will likely not have occupant restrictions upon it, and can be let to occupiers with Entitled /Entitled for Work/ Licensed or Registered status. It is known as a lodging unit. However, you are strongly advised to check with the Population Office before letting someone move in.

A separate unit, created or existing, adjoining a property will have a separate front door, although it may have inter-communicating door(s). Where the unit existed at the time of the last purchase, the housing consent will state who may occupy it. There is a presumption that all units, created or existing, are Qualified unless otherwise stated by the Population Office.

A separate unit does not have to be occupied, and could be left empty by the owner if they wish.

If there is any doubt as to whether a unit is separate or integral, or what the occupancy conditions are, inspection by the Population Office would be necessary to establish the facts.

Change of conditions or usage

An owner could appeal to the Chief Minister for a change in conditions on a unit or property:-

- Where there are specific family circumstances which might have a bearing on the conditions;

- Where the use of the land is proposed to be changed e.g. from agricultural land to housing when the permission of the Planning Minister would also be necessary.

- Where land or property usage is to be changed, permission must be obtained from the Planning Sub-Committee.


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