Restraint on assets ( 11.12.12.L8 )


Restraint on assets

Extent: Jersey
Updated: 11 January 2016



Words you may need to know


Restraint - to hold back, keep

Assets - items of value belonging to a person

Enforcement - to be made to comply with the law or a judgement

Automatically - routinely

Debtor - a person who owes money to another

Inventory - a list

Statutory - legal, law made rules



Restraint on assets enforcement procedures - following Judgement

This is awarded automatically by both the Petty Debts Court and the Royal Court alongside restraint on wages and the order passed to the Viscount's Department for enforcement.

If you are a debtor and not in employment then the following will happen:

Exception - assets restrained against rent owed

If a landlord is owed past rent they may take anything on the premises with the statutory exception of appliances supplied and owned by the utility companies i.e. gas/electricity, but ONLY after an order for restraint has been given following judgement for the debt in the Royal Court or Petty Debts Court. See also 11.8.2 Personal possessions left behind by a tenant or lodger .