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Parks and public areas ( 11.15.9 )



Parks and public areas

Extent: Jersey
Updated: 5 January 2016



Words you may need to know


Administrating organisation - the States department with responsibility for it.

Prohibited - something which is not allowed

Polices - looks after

The Law

The Policing of Parks (Jersey) Regulations, as amended, gives a list of what can and cannot be done in the various parks and other public areas listed below.

Who polices the parks and public areas

All parks and other public areas are policed by the States Police and relevant parish honorary police. Also, Transport and Technical Services Department, and the Education Sport and Culture Department have staff who check on their property.

Anyone employed by an administrating organisation to police the regulations must have an identity card to show to the public as evidence of their authority. Any member of the public who has broken any of the regulations must give their name and address, if asked to do so, by an authorised person.

What can't a person do in parks and other public areas

1. Enter or stay in a park or area which is 'closed'.
2. Bring an animal into a park or area, except for dogs, horses and ponies under the limits set in the schedules below. Guide dogs excepted.
3. Allow a dog to deposit dog poo and failing to remove it.
4. Going onto any shrubbery or flower bed, or other prohibited area.
5. Handling, cutting or damaging any plant material.
6. Damaging or defacing any structure or part of any park or area such as seats, railings, buildings.
7. Leaving litter
8. Behaving or being clothed ( or not clothed) in a way which is likely to offend public decency.
9. Causing annoyance to any other person.
10. Throwing stones or other objects

11. Disturbing or otherwise injuring any animal, bird (including their eggs) or fish.
12. Using ornamental waters for any purpose.
13. Entering or leaving except by the normal gateways.
14. Climbing trees, railings etc.
15. Playing games or sports when this has been prohibited.
16. Using any vehicle except:-

a)      Wheelchairs, toy cycles and scooters, prams

b)      Motor vehicle driven in approved areas for parking

c)      A pedal cycle ridden on road or cycle track

d)      A road train being used on approved track


What can't a person do without permission

Written permission must be received from the organisation with responsibility for the area if you wish to:-

1. Put up signs or notices;
2. Play musical instruments or broadcast music, speech or images transmitted electronically or mechanically;
3. Perform for the public, hold an exhibition or make a public address;
4. Collect money for charity;
5. Light a fire or fireworks;
6. Engage in trading;
7. Take photos or make paintings or drawings for sale;
8. Discharge any firearm;
9. Use a metal detector.

Permission if it is granted may have special conditions attached or may be withdrawn at any time. You should apply in writing to either the Transport and Technical Services Department, the Sport, Leisure and Education, Sport and Culture Department or the relevant parish.


In a court, the penalty for breaking the rules in the Law would normally be a fine not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale, currently £500 (as at August 2014). Fines may be levied by a Constable or Centenier, normally following a Parish Hall enquiry, in the Parish where the offence happened, in this case the fine cannot be more than £50.

Schedule 1

Parks where dogs are allowed on a lead and on the pathways only:

First Tower Park
Liberation Square
Lower Park
Mount Bingham Gardens
Springfield Gardens
People's Park
South Hill Gardens
Vallée des Vaux Gardens
Westmount Gardens

Schedule 2

Parks where dogs are allowed on a lead

Coronation Gardens, Millbrook
The Public Gardens, Gorey
Harvey Memorial Gardens
Seafront Gardens, St Brelades Bay
Winston Churchill Memorial Park

Schedule 3

Parks where dogs are allowed off a lead

Beaumont Perquage
Beauport Headland
Castle Green Gardens, Gorey
Glacies Field, Fort Regent
Cliff paths between Gronez and Plémont, and between Sorel Point and Greve de Lecq
Corbière Headland and La Rosière, including public land near the old Corbière Station (south side of Corbière Road)
The Corbière Walk (The 'Railway Track' from St Aubin to Corbière)
Le Côtil du Grouin, St Brelade Bay
Les Landes
Les Mielles
Le Parc de la Petite Falaise, above Bouley Bay
The promenade and gardens from St Aubin to St Helier, (including strips of land 2 metres wide on the seaward side of each of the areas of land between West Park and Bel Royal which are set aside for use as public parking places)
Noirmont headland, except part of Warren Farm, which is subject to a lease for agricultural purposes and is posted with signs to that effect
Public land on both sides of La Route du Nord
Sorel Headland.

Schedule 4

Parks where horses and ponies are allowed on roads or riding ways and where dogs are allowed off a lead:

Beaumont Perquage
Les Landes
Les Mielles
Cliff paths between Gronez and Plémont, and between Sorel Point and Greve de Lecq
Any section of the promenade between West Park and St Aubin leading directly to a slipway to the beach
Noirmont headland, except part of Warren Farm, which is subject to a lease for agricultural purposes and is posted with signs to that effect.