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Benefits in Kind

Extent: Jersey
Updated 4 August, 2016

Words you may need to know


Benefit –    something that is of help

Discounted -    when something is given at less than its real value

Exempt - free from 

Household -   family you live with

Reimbursement -  when you have paid for something for somebody and they pay you back

Salary – money you earn from working


What is a benefit in kind ?​​​

Benefits in kind are anything you (or a member of your household) receive, which is not money, from your employer. They are also sometimes known as employee or employment benefits.

Benefits in kind are normally provided either free or below the normal cost (eg free accommodation or discounted shares).

Some benefits in kind are exempt from tax.

Any allowances, cash payments or reimbursement of out of pocket expenses are not benefits in kind, but part of your salary.


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