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Unsolicited mail / Mail Preference Service / Junk mail

Extent:Jersey / British Isles
Updated 6 February 2019

Unsolicited mail - UK

1.  Clients receiving unwanted, unsolicited mail should write saying that they no longer wish to receive unsolicited mail to:

Mailing Preference Service
Freepost 22

Telephone 0845 703 4599

2.  It does take up to three months to stop unsolicited mail. Having written to the above and found that a particular company is still sending out unwelcome mail, it is possible to complain to:

Advertising Standards Authority
Brook House
2 - 16 Torrington Place

3.  The Advertising Standards Authority produce a leaflet entitled 'Legal, Decent, Honest, Truthful', which includes a guide to rules covering direct mail and how to make a complaint. Address as above.

The Direct Marketing Association produce two leaflets, 'Where did they get my name?' and 'What is telephone marketing?'. For a copy, please contact:

The Direct Marketing Association (UK) Ltd
DMA House
70 Margaret Street

Telephone 020 7291 3300
Fax 020 7323 4165
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4.  If you ask, companies must tell you where they obtained your name, why they want it and whether they intend to pass it to others. You can object.

Unsolicited mail - JerseyPost

5.  JerseyPost offer a bulk mailing scheme which clients can opt out of. If you do not wish to receive local bulk mailings you should write to JerseyPost, Postal Headquarters, Rue De Pres, St Saviour, JE1 1AA giving your full postal address and request that they do not deliver bulk mail to your home. It will take up to two months to take effect. This will only prevent the delivery of mail addressed to 'The Occupier' and your address.