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Insurance problem checklist

Extent: Jersey
Updated 2 March 2017

Words you may need to know


Advisory -  gives advice, the advice need not be followed

Negotiate - attempt to come to an agreement

Binding -  something that must be done

Provide – make available, supply something

Resolve – to find a solution to a problem



If you are not happy with the way you have been provided a financial service (such as banking, insurance, investment, loans, pensions or advice about these areas) you should complain first to the financial services provider who provided the service to you. If the matter is still not resolved, you should complain to the relevant ombudsman.

Complaints can also be made to the Ombudsman about an insurance company or an insurance intermediary, not just about a financial service that has been provided.

Financial Services provided from the UK

If the financial services were provided from the UK and the financial services provider hasn’t answered or resolved your complaint within 8 weeks, contact the Financial Ombudsman Services in the UK.

See here for how to complain and the contact details:


Financial Services provided in Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney or Sark

If the financial services were provided from Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney or Sark and the service provider hasn’t resolved the matter to your satisfaction within 3 months, you can refer the complaint to the Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO).

The CIFO is an independent office which provides an impartial and prompt resolution of complaints. The service is informal, confidential and free and you can deal with the CIFO by yourself. You do not need a lawyer to represent you. 


Once the Ombudsman has finished their investigation they will make a decision. The Ombudsman's decisions are binding on insurance companies. If you are happy with the decision the insurance company has to do whatever the decision says.

If you do not accept the CIFO’s decision your legal rights are not affected and you can consider legal action.


For more information see the CIFO leaflet: here

CIFO contact details:


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Guernsey:       01481 722218

International:  +44 1534 748610

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