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Motor Insurance Discs (2.5.8.L3)


2.5.8. L3
Motor insurance discs


Extent:      Jersey
Updated:   March 2017


Words you may need to know

Insurance - this is a policy that you pay for which pays out in the event that you have an accident. It is compulsory to have insurance if you are driving a vehicle on public roads

Compulsory - you must have or must do something

Vehicle - motor car, van, lorry or bus etc

Display - have on show and can be seen

Motorists - someone who drives a motor vehicle

Motor Traffic (Third Party Insurance) (Jersey) Law 1948 - Insurance Disc

All Jersey registered vehicles must display an insurance disc.

Does the insurance disc prove that a driver is insured?

No, the disc does not prove that the driver of a vehicle is insured, only that the owner (keeper) of the vehicle has taken out insurance cover for that vehicle. The policy will say who can drive the vehicle and a certificate of insurance is still needed.

Is it an offence if the owner of the vehicle has a current disc but is not displaying it?

Yes, it is an offence to drive a vehicle which does not have a valid insurance disc on show, it is not enough for it to be 'in the post' or even somewhere else in the vehicle but not seen.

What happens if a vehicle is sold or taken off the road?

If a vehicle is sold or taken off the road the insurance disc and certificate of Motor Insurance should be returned to the insurance company within seven days.

What happens if a vehicle is driven without a current insurance disc being displayed?

A person who uses, or keeps on a road a motor vehicle on which an insurance disc that is required to be displayed under Article 16, and is not so displayed, shall be guilty of an offence, and will be required to attend a Parish Hall enquiry.


The Centenier may impose a fine of two fifths of level 2 on the standard scale of fines.


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