Problems with dry cleaners and launderettes

Extent: Jersey
Updated 6 February 2019

1 For more information on your statutory rights when purchasing services see 13.1.0.L1

2 Depending on the circumstances, a satisfactory outcome might be:

3 Most cleaners are happy to re-clean items. If there has been permanent damage or loss caused, it may be necessary to get a third party opinion on the value of goods, or whether they can be repaired. Such an opinion could be obtained from:

4 When there has been negligence on the part of the cleaners, both parties should take into consideration the depreciation, wear and tear which had occurred to the item prior to the loss or damage, as this may affect the item's value in respect of which compensation is assessed.

5 Textile Services Association (TSA]

TSA is the trade association for the laundry, dry cleaning and textile rental industries in the UK.

7 Churchil Court
58 Station Road
North Harrow

Tel: 020 8863 7755/9177 (general enquiries)
Drycleaning information Bureau: 020 8863 8658
Laundry information Bureau: 020 8863 8658
Fax: 020 8861 2115
Website: www.tsa-uk.org

A client can telephone the TSA, Dry Cleaning or Laundry Information Bureaux for details of member firms in the client's area.

The TSA has an internal concilliation service to resolve complaints against its members.

6 National Association of the Launderette Industry (NALI)

Tel: 02075548611
Website: www.nali.org.uk/

The NALI has a Code of Practice which its members must follow, it deals only with coin-operated launderettes.

7 Drycleaning Complaints Arbitration Service (DCAS)

Drycleaning Complaints Arbitration Service (DCAS)
P.O.Box 26
Claro Road

Tel: 01423 560436

The Drycleaning Complaints Arbitration Service is able to test garments and provide a report. There is a charge for this service