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Clairvoyance / Fortune telling

Extent: Jersey
June 1995
Updated 31 August 2017

Words you may need to know


Booth – stall

Clairvoyance - the ability to see something that is not normally seen. To see into the future.

Foretell / Fortune telling - to see into the future and tell someone what is going to happen in their life

Gain - reward, money or benefit

Customary - law made in the courts

Statute law - laws made by Government

Astrological - the study of the moon, stars and planets

Business Licensing  to carry out a business in Jersey you need permission (a ‘business licence’)



Is it legal to tell fortunes?


In Jersey you would be breaking the law if you foretell the future for gain. This is customary law, not statute law, and dates from the 19th century or before.


What might be allowed?


It is not an offence to tell someone their strengths or weaknesses etc, or to foretell the future with no gain. A free 'fortune-telling' booth at a fête would not break the law.


It is believed it would be legal to give an astrological reading based on the stars as the making of charts is what you are paying for. Some people foretell the future in exchange for a donation to charity. This is a grey area and legal advice should be taken.


Business Licensing


If you are not on the Island and thinking of giving readings in Jersey you should speak to the Business Licensing Team at the Population Office on 01534 448905.