Road Train (2.5.10)


Road Train


Extent:      Jersey
Updated:   March 2017


Words you may need to know

Established - decided to be, set as, existed for a long time, generally accepted

Third-party insurance - this is an insurance policy which would pay out if the train hurt or injured a person or property

Penalties - a punishment for breaking a rule or the law

Offences - you commit or carry out an offence when you break the law

Centenier – a senior member of Jersey’s honorary police system

Impose an immediate fine – a fine you have to pay straightaway

Exceeding – above, greater than


The track between West Park and St Aubin has been established by the States of Jersey as a Road Train Track. The driving of the Road Train comes under the Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956, as amended. The driver must have a licence under Articles 28 to 31of the Motor Traffic Law (Jersey) 1935.

The maximum speed allowed on the Track is 10 mph. The Road Train operator must be covered by third-party insurance.

The Road Train Track may also be used as a cycle track under the terms of the Policing of Parks (Jersey) Regulations 2005.

Penalties for offences involving the operation of the Road Train are stated in the above law.


A Centenier may impose an immediate fine of up to either an amount not exceeding two-fifths of level 2 on the standard scale of fines or the maximum fine for the offence, whichever is the lower.


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