Liquor licensing and licensed premises

Extent: Jersey
Updated 24 July 2019

Words you may need to know

Parishioners – people who live in the Parish

Inclusive – it includes the dates stated

Liquor – this is alcohol

Application – asking for something to happen

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Liquor licences - applications

Applications for the grant of a liquor licence are made to the Treasurer of the States and are then sent on to the Parish where the licence is going to be needed as the Connétable must call a Parish Assembly to allow parishioners to put forward their views on the application. The comments made at the Parish Assembly are then given to the Licencing Assembly who will decide on the application. Any parishioner who speaks at Parish Assembly on a licence application can then address the Licence Assembly on that application. A liquor licence is granted for one year and will expire on 24th December.

An application to renew a liquor licence for a further period of one year must be made to the Treasurer of the States between 5th of October and 5th of November. Both dates are inclusive. Applications to renew a liquor licence are not referred to a Parish Assembly. It is the responsibility of the licence holder to ensure the licence is renewed. Other than general notices placed in the Jersey Gazette by the Treasurer of the States no notification or reminder will be sent to the licence holder.

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