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Updated 30 May 2019

Jersey Water

1.  The supply of water is governed by the Water [Jersey] Law 1972 ,as amended. Jersey Water is the trading name of The Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited.

Address:- Mulcaster House, Westmount Road, St Helier

Telephone: 707300


Tariffs and Charges

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Terms and Conditions of Supply

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Water Supplied on a Measured Basis [Metered Water]

4. Customers are billed quarterly. The amount invoiced depends on the quantity of water, in cubic metres, used.

From 1st January 2009 Jersey Water will fit a water meter to any property where there is a change of account holder.

Water Supplied on an Unmeasured Basis [Domestic Assessed Volume]

5. Water Rates are based on the average amount of water a metered household consumes.

The Water Rate is payable by the person requiring Jersey Water to provide the supply and is payable quarterly in advance unless the supply is metered.

Cutting off the water supply due to non-payment of Water Rate

6. Jersey Water may cut off the supply if the Water Rate is not paid within twenty-eight days (if the customer is in dispute this should be stated in writing before the twenty-eight days expires).

7. If Jersey Water intends to cut off the water supply to an inhabited property they must give a minimum of forty-eight hours notice to both the Medical Officer of Health and the Connétable of the parish in which the property is situated.

8. Jersey Water must not cut off the supply of water to any premises by reason of the failure of the owner of the premises, who is not himself the occupier, to pay the Water Rate. This would be applicable to lodging houses where the landlord fails to pay the Water Rate, the water supply cannot be disconnected by Jersey Water.