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Dogs - licences, injury by and noise

Extent: Jersey
Updated 7 February 2019

Dog licences

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Injury to persons

Dog owners should be covered by their contents insurance policy. Injured people could claim under a personal accident insurance policy if they have one. If neither applies, Court action can be explored. Depending on the circumstances, the incident should be reported to the police especially when it is thought that the attack was unprovoked and the animal could present a danger. If a compensation claim is intended, photographs of the injuries should be taken to be used as evidence.

Noisy dogs

Noisy dogs should be reported to Environmental Health, telephone 445808.  They will assess whether a nuisance exists and will deal with it accordingly.


All stray dogs must be reported to the duty Centenier of the Parish in which they were found.

Anyone finding a stray dog with an identity tag should first contact the owner to arrange for the dog to be returned. If that is not possible, then the finder should inform the duty Centenier.

In cases where there is no identity tag or the owner cannot be reached, the duty Centenier will call out an appropriate qualified party to collect the dog. The dog will be housed in an appropriate facility while the parish traces the owner and arranges for the owner to collect the dog.

The dog owner will incur a collection charge, as well as the cost of accommodation in the appropriate facility where the dog has been held.

If the owner cannot be traced or contacted, the dog will be disclaimed for re-homing.

By Law, a dog on the public highway or in a public place must wear a collar which has the name and address of the owner.

Name tags

Dog owners have a legal obligation to ensure their dog has a name tag and it is not sufficient for the dog to only be chipped. Failure to give the dog a name tag or to allow the animal to stray will result in owners being summonsed to the parish hall where they could be fined or given a warning.