Income Support

Extent: Jersey
Updated December 2018

Words you may need to know


Carer -  a person who spends time looking after somebody

Component - a part

Disregard - something that is not counted

Eligible - to qualify or satisfy the rules to get something

Exempt - the rules don’t apply; free from a duty affecting others

Income - money that someone receives eg from wages, benefits

Income Support is an income-related benefit that provides financial support towards the cost of housing, living, medical needs and childcare. Carers also receive support.

A Guide to Income Support can be viewed at www.gov.je/Benefits/IncomeSupport/Pages/About.aspx

The current component rates are at the end of this information page.

Income Support is available to individuals and families that satisfy conditions relating to residency in Jersey and employment. Every adult in the household, who wants to claim, must have lived in Jersey continuously for at least 5 years immediately before making the claim or for a consecutive period of 10 years at any time in the past.

Every adult in the household is expected to be in full-time paid work or be exempt from full-time work.

For up to date Income Support rates, please see https://www.gov.je/benefits/incomesupport/pages/incomesupportcalculator.aspx

Special payments

A Special Payment [ one-off payment to cope with emergencies] is available as a loan to an adult who is:

A member of an Income Support Unit in receipt of income support


A member of a household that is just outside the normal income support eligibility conditions:

Either the household satisfies the income condition and the work condition and there is an adult in the household that has been in Jersey for at least four and a half years


The household satisfies the work condition and the residence condition but the income of the household is above the limit for income support by up to 10%.

A special payment is only made if the applicant has no other reasonable means of meeting the cost. Income support allows each Income Support Unit a capital limit below which savings do not affect the amount of income support benefit received.Income Support Units are allowed to maintain a proportion of the capital limit [25%] applicable to the Unit but are expected to fund the item or service themselves if their savings are above that amount and the expense would not reduce the savings below this limit.

Special Payments can be used to pay for a service or an item. The claimant must be in urgent need of the item or service requested and an estimate of cost must be provided with the Special Payments Application Form. Income Support pays the supplier direct.


Pensioners who were getting Income Support before 1st January 2016 are entitled to have the first £55.23 of their pension disregarded in full, and an additional £35.77 for an additional pensioner in their household.