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Public Entertainment - Obtaining Approval

Extent: Jersey
Updated 22 November 2018

1. The Bailiff has a customary power to control public entertainment.  He is assisted in this task by a panel chaired by the Bailiff's Chief Officer and includes members of the Police, Fire Service, Environmental Health and Health and Safety.

2. All major public entertainment and venues are passed before the panel which provides support advice and offers recommendations regarding the safe and appropriate operation of events before a permit is issued.

3. It is an offence at customary law to organise public entertainment without the permission of the Bailiff.

4. It is an offence to fail to take reasonable steps to ensure that conditions upon which permission had be granted to hold a public entertainment event are adhered to.

5. For more information see the Unlawful Public Entertainment (Jersey) Regulations 2007

6. Please click here for contact details for the Bailiff's Chambers.