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Jersey - Information for those wishing to live and work in the Island

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Updated May 2021


Words you may need to know


Parish - an area that is designated one of twelve parishes.


Resident - someone who stays or resides in a place


Contributions - money that is given for a purpose


Immigration - entering a new country for the purpose of settling permanently


Relocating - to move to a new place


Restricted - subject to controls or limits


Vehicle - any mechanical vehicle capable of carrying goods or people


Declaring - inform or tell


Income support- this is a payment made by Customer and Local Services to those who qualify and are on a low income


Contraception - birth control methods


Jersey is approximately 45 square miles in area. It is part of the British Isles but not part of the United Kingdom, it is not a Member State of the European Union. Jersey has its own government known as the States of Jersey.

Find out what you need to do to register for tax, social security and health if you've recently moved here

Becoming a Jersey Resident

Registration cards and contributions

Housing rights and residential status

Moving to Jersey: Apply for a visa (

Work permits

British citizenship and settling in Jersey

Health costs when moving or returning to live in Jersey

Taxation in Jersey

Bringing restricted items to Jersey

Bringing your vehicle to Jersey

Moving to Jersey and declaring household goods

Driving Licences

Jersey's Education System

Claiming Income Support

Relocating your business and high residency (Locate Jersey)

See Moving to Jersey


Parishes and Parish Halls

Jersey is divided into twelve parishes. Each parish has its own municipality, each has its own rates, licensing authority, police force, politicians, electoral roll and more. The offices are based in a Parish Hall(or in the case of St Martin, the Public Hall and St Helier has the Town Hall). See Parish websites

Checklist for Newcomers

  • Before commencing employment register with Social Security at Customer and Local Services. See 9.0.0.L5 and Customer and Local Services website
  • Register for Income Tax at Customer and Local Services. Tax website
  • For those bringing vehicles into Jersey, unless seasonal worker vehicle, must be re-registered Immediately. Seasonal workers / temporary visitors may drive a car for up to 12 months before re-registering. See 2.5.8.L1 and DVS website(Registration of new vehicles).
  • In Jersey the law requires an insurance disc to be displayed on the windscreen of all Jersey registered vehicles. For non-Jersey registered vehicles proof of insurance must be carried in the vehicles at all times. See 2.5.8.L3
  • Driving Licences. Unless seasonal worker licences must be exchanged within 7 days, depending on where licence was issued it might be necessary to take another driving test. See 2.5.4
  • Dogs over the age of 6 months must be licenced. See 14.4.5.L5a

 Some useful telephone numbers

Citizens Advice Jersey- 0800 735 0249
Customer and Local Services - 445505
Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service (JACS) - 730503
Jersey Brook Advice Centre (Contraception advice for the under 25's) - 507981
Vistors' Clinic, for appointment and to be informed of which surgery is on rota telephone 616833