Words and Numbers Matter

Extent: Jersey
Updated 10 May 2019

Words and Numbers Matter

Our Purpose

The primary purpose is to raise awareness of numeracy and literacy issues in Jersey and promote/fund support initiatives to improve both literacy and numeracy skills across all age groups. 

We recognise that literacy skills are vital for academic and employment success.  Easy access to support is the key feature of this project because learners who start to struggle can very quickly become disheartened, disengaged and problematic.  In many cases a learner with suddenly grasp a concept/skill because it has been explained in a different way or at a slower pace.  If we can support you as you make the transition to secondary school you will have a much better chance of sustained success. 

The Reading Club is a new initiative that is part of the Learn and Believe (LAB) Project which sees us working closely with the Jersey Library Service and the Barclays Community Awards

 We will offer as little or as much support as you need including access to coloured overlays if you use them, Dyslexia friendly text, large print items and dictionaries.  If you wish to share personal information with us about any special or specific needs we will treat that information with care and offer support that we feel appropriate.

Contact: Fee Morris- Administrator for Words and Numbers Matter

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