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Deportation from Jersey

Extent: Jersey
Updated 14 July 2016


Words you may need to know


Deportation/ deport - to force a foreign national to leave a country


Disputing - to question or doubt the truth or validity of something


Validity - something that is acceptable under law


Declared - to make an official or public announcement about somebody or something, especially on a legal or medical matter


Accompanied - to go with someone


Convicted - to declare somebody guilty of a crime in a court of law


Citizens - somebody who has the right to live in a country because he or she was born there or has been legally accepted as a permanent resident


Origin - the ethnic group, social class, or country that somebody belongs to or that somebody's family comes from


Deportees - someone who has been deported


Alternative - instead of


Detriment - disadvantage or harm


Re-offending - carries out another crime



The local position


There has been a local case disputing whether it is legal to deport someone under the law. The case concerned a member of the Portuguese community who had been convicted of a number of offences of theft.

The case was tested at the European Court of Justice which declared that even though the Treaty of Rome requires that citizens of all member states should be treated the same, Jersey has the power to deport non-UK citizens provided there are strong enough grounds.

The Jersey authorities will advise the UK that a deportation order has been made in Jersey; the UK authorities will decide whether to extend that Jersey deportation order to the UK or not.

There are two forms of ordering a person to leave the Island:

 - as a condition of a binding over order and

- a deportation order