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Parental Benefit / Maternity Allowance  9.8.12.L1



Parental benefit / Parental allowance


Extent:      Jersey

Updated:   November 2020




From 1st January 2021, Parental Benefit and Parental Allowance replace Maternity Benefit and Maternity Allowance.

For details on Maternity Benefit and Maternity Allowance, please click here.

For details on Parental Leave, please click here.


The main provisions are set out below, however further details will be placed on the website soon:


  1. All previous benefits will now be covered under the heading of Parental Allowance/grant and available to both parents and eligibility will be based on contributions and other rules as are currently in place.  (The transitional and saving provisions in the legislation mean that those claiming the existing benefits will continue to receive these).
  2. The new benefits (parental allowance and parental grant) will be available from next week (24th November) to parents who have a child that is expected to be born or adopted on or after 1st Jan 2021.

  3. The Parental Grant:  will be available to all parents including surrogate and adoptive parents, and remains at the same level as currently in place with annual increases applied where applicable.

    4. The Parental Allowance can be claimed by all parents – please note that eligibility for this will be based on the care of the child and not on the any incapacity on the birth mother - and the
    rules in relation to contributions are the same as they are now, as is the weekly value.

  4. Any birth ('host mother under the legislation) mother whose child is going to be placed with surrogate parents  will be entitled to claim 6 weeks of Parental Allowance only.

  5. Parental Allowance  will increase from 18 weeks to 32 weeks for those eligible to receive this, and will be based on the same level currently in place with annual increases applied where applicable;
  6. Parents  will be able to split the weeks between them, weeks have to align with paid parental leave periods, each parent is allocated 6 weeks (rest can be split), birth mothers have to take the first 6 weeks (as set out in the Employment Law)). Single parents also get 32 weeks.

  7. Employers will be able to offset any monies received in respect of Parental Allowance against any wages earned.

    8. The above applies to any baby due to be born or adopted on or after 1 January 2021; therefore if the baby is born early these rates will still apply;

9.  Any baby due to be born before 1 January 2021 will fall under the temporary terms put in place in June 2020.