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Legalisation of documents

Extent: Jersey
Updated 20 December 2018


Words you may need to know


Documents - a formal piece of writing that provides information or acts as a record


Notaries Public - someone who is legally authorised to certify/ confirm that a document is authentic


Authentic  - genuine, not a copy


Authenticated - confirmed as not a copy


Lawyer - someone qualified on legal matters who can represent someone in court


Customs and Immigration Service - the control point for people entering a country


This is a service offered where documents requiring signatures by Notaries Public, lawyers or recognised officials for use abroad can be authenticated by the office of the Customs and Immigration Service.

The office is located at Customer and Local Services, Phillip Le Feuvre House, La Motte Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 8PE.

Legalisation of Documents Telephone : 448000

The standard fee for legalisation is £30 per document and £75 per document for the ‘While You wait’ service

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